Fiddle Bow Knife


The Fiddle Bow knife is a unique tool that makes it a cinch to slice bread to perfectly uniform thickness, slice after slice. The wooden handle is made of Sassafras which grows in Tasmania's wet eucalyptus forest and young rainforest where it may live for up to 150 - 200 years. It is an aromatic evergreen tree; the bark, sap and oils smell like cinnamon and its leaves have a strong sarsaparilla scent. If the Tree is infected with staining fungus it produces blackheart sassafras. Blackheart is a timber with distinctive dark brown, black and even green streaks running through the wood. Blackheart is highly prized for decorative features, as no two pieces are ever the same. The serrated stainless steel blade is held under tension to keep it perfectly straight as it easily cuts through even the crustiest bread. Overall length is 15-3/4" and blade length is 9".