Just had to mention...

I purchased a Provence Vintage Platter and it’s absolutely amazing.  It was so beautiful, I purchased a second for my dear friend.

Each is a piece of art, but a highly functional one.  The design is thoughtful and lovely.  The craftsmanship is the highest quality.

So many houseware product offerings these days are cheap/disposable, factory knock-offs with no soul.  I love the fact that each Provence Platter retains the character of purpose. The saturated red wine stains on the back.  The cooper’s mark.  The century-old wood.  Bearing the evidence of history, reimagined by artisans for a new life.  To be enjoyed and celebrated over.

I must also mention how wonderful it is to purchase from them.  The process is personal and human, not just a transaction.

If you are lucky you’ll receive one. 

If you are generous, you’ll give one.

If you are selfish like me, you’ll order one for yourself right now.

Kate Z....Michigan